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The Little LogBook GO is the latest addition to the Little LogBook family, and has everything a portable GPS Logger needs. The GO is a weatherproof, battery operated protable GPS logger that is suitable for use both in a vehicle or as a tool to be used by those among you who are outdoor enthusiasts to share your adventures with friends while keeping your own records right in your pocket.

Little LogBook GO - portable logging device for people on the GO!

The Little LogBook GO lasts for a full 16 hours on a full charge, and can be put on Standby at any time to allow it to last longer on a single charge, so you are able to record your trips and adventures no matter where you go.

The device is charged by plugging it into a USB port on your PC or laptop, and will automatically begin recording your trip when you start moving thanks to the advanced built-in motion censor, so you never have to worry about msising out on any details of your trip. Simply let the device do all the work for you. When you stop moving, the device will enter standby mode and conserve its energy for the next use.

To download, view and export your trip log, simply plug the device into your computer via USB and the software provided with the device will automatically identify the GEO location and track the entire event from start to finish. If you frequently travel to the same destination, the Little Logbook software will allow you to personalise the starting points and destinations. These destinations and the full trips that are recorded can be categorized by you so that the comprehensive report that is given to you will reflect exactly what the purpose of your trip was, no matter where you went.

Little LogBook GO - portable logging device for people on the GO!

The Little LogBook GO is not only designed for outdoor enthusiasts, or individuals who enjoy going off thr grid and reliving their experiences. Anyone who wants or needs to keep a comprehensive report of their trips for any reason (such as providing trip logs to employers for tax purposes, keeping track personally on route efficiency, or even for fleet managers looking to keep track of their drivers’ activities).

Little LogBook GO - portable logging device for people on the GO!

And don’t think that the Little Logbook GO is only suitable for use by those who like to keep their feet planted on the ground, it even helps the skydivers and pilots who use them keep track of their adventures in the sky!